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    220 XVNT, F.21, Q. Bình Thạnh, TP Hồ Chí Minh
    1. I&B Electrical Supervisor
    Job Description

    • Implement RHDHV Electrical system on site
    • Implement QA/ QC & Safety system
    • Supervise and monitor construction matters of contractors on site
    • Coordinate with RHDHV site team
    • Coordinate with contractors’ conduction team to supervise Electrical tasks on site
    • Attend weekly site meetings and technical discussion and do reports
    • Immediately call RHDHV manager in case of emergency
    Key requirments
    • At least 8-year experience in the construction field
    • Having Substation / Transmission lines / grid connection experience.
    Job Description
    • Is responsible on a day to day base of the site on behalf of RHDH
    • Reports to the Project Manager or Project Director about all the activities on and off site
    • Communicates and reports to the client
    • Communicates and Liaises with contractor on site
    • Manages the RHDHV site team
    • Liaises with the RHDHV HSE manager and HSE officer on site about the contractor activities
    • Checks the monthly progress claim of the contractor and advises to the PM
    • Responsible for implication of Technical Specification and contract documents, Construction Drawings
    • Check and approve material/ equipments submit, shop drawings, bar bending schedule, method statement JSA
    • Check and approve all Civil works and M&E works
    • Check progress of Master schedule, two weeks look ahead schedule, Progress on site, Material delivered to site
    • Prepare and Manage site meetings, Site reports
    • Check and manage site documentations and filling
    • Proactive and hard-working attitude, Good teamwork, Transparence and good manner
    Key requirements:
    • At least 12-year working experience in the construction field
    • Should have experiences in wind farm projects
    All contact information:
    - 0902377345 Ms.Thắm
    - 0352737409 Ms.Thảo
    - 0938850908 Ms.Yến
    - 0394130311 Ms.Quỳnh
    - 0367933759 Mr.Thanh
    - 0916577533 Mr.Duy
    - 0707126820 Mr.Toàn
    - 0583199704 Mr.Hùng

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