Sales & Marketing Executive ( labor supply service and recruitment service)

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    Bà Rịa - Vũng Tàu
    Company: Minh Viet HR

    Product & Services: Labor supply & Recruitment Service

    Position: Sales & Marketing Executive

    Work location: Vungtau Office & Anywhere

    Key Responsibilities:

    Sales Roles:
    · Search the potential customer
    · Consult to customers for the company services ( labor supply service and recruitment service)
    · Introduce and sell services to Clients as company target
    · Set up and manage the sales plan, consulting plan for Clients
    · Guide and consult for questions from Clients
    · Monitor field, market information, market trend, trade development, competitors' activities
    · Report to BOD
    Key KPIs:
    • Approach minimum 10 potential clients per month
    • Having at least 2 client send request for manpower supply service or recruitment service
    Job Requirements:
    - University/College degree
    - Having direct sales experiences (Fresh graduated also will be trained)
    - Preferably candidates with experience in oil & gas, HR field, experience in selling labor supply/ Hr Services
    - Good communication in English and computer literacy
    - Will to go for business trips

    ** Benefits & Compensations
    - Competitive salary
    Send resume to:

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