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    PVTrans OilField Services is a professional provider of maritime transportation and services to the oil and gas industry in Viet Nam and abroad (FSO/FPSO, O&M...). We are now looking for Technical Administrator to join our team as follow:

    Background: The Technical Administrator will provide scheduling and planning skills and expertise to the offshore team to ensure work is planned in a manner to safely optimize costs, improvement of technical supervision on FSO as daily operations and PMS to be carried out effectively. TA is responsible for the effective management of NS5 software and improvement of the efficient maintenance activities on board, ensure reports and communication between offshore and Operation & Technical Dept. to be scheduled properly.

    Specific Accountabilities:

    1. Monitor and supervise the maintenance activities, maintenance plans on board FSO.

    2. Assist Chief Engineer (C/E) in deploying the maintenance plan and remind all Supervisors/Team Leader in carrying out maintenance activities as per scheduled from NS5 and update maintenance record back to NS5 after job done, has a right to push C/E, Chief Officer to carry out the PMS onboard in their responsibilities areas.

    3. Assist in operation of NS5, update of equipment, parts, spares levels and maintenance plan into NS5 software.

    4. To manage spare inventories and ensuring all spares are accurately and fully identified, coded, tagged, binned, stored, maintained and recorded in the inventory. He is responsible in stocks controlling and report to office.

    5. Maintain all storage areas in a clean, safe and efficient manner to optimize access, location and condition of the inventory.

    6. Interface with and provide planning expertise in support of overhauls and modifications

    7. Act as Technical Supervisor to supervise all maintenance activities onboard as per plan, ensure personnel have access to the latest drawings and procedures, reports directly to Deputy Director or Technical Managers onshore.

    8. Understand and follow all rules and operation and maintenance procedures.

    9. Report all hazardous conditions, near misses and accidents to Captain, Technical Manager/Deputy Manager.

    10. Maintenance of computerized planning and scheduling management system

    11. Keep records of activities from scheduling / planning function and ensure proper and timely regulatory reporting where applicable.

    12. Willingness and flexibility to be trained in all aspects of FSO operations

    13. Update master on to ROB regularly.

    14. To ensure all certification for spares, stores and consumables is passed to the department head for filing.

    15. Track and expedite all requisitions and repair items providing regular status reports.

    16. Manage Control of Substances Hazardous to Health system and maintain MSDS register.

    17. Assist C/E and Supervisors/Team Leaders in revising maintenance schedule when it becomes overdue to make sure all maintenance plans are done completely. He acts as Technical Supervisor to supervise the PMS onboard and make sure all in as scheduled.

    18. Carry out other jobs assigned by Master or Technical Manager.

    Pre-hire Qualifications and Experience:

    · 1 year maintenance planning and scheduling experience in a multi-discipline environment

    · Maintenance planning skills (relevant engineering or trade discipline background an asset)

    · Working knowledge of computerized planning software packages & applications and computerized maintenance management systems

    · Basic understanding of oil and gas development activities

    · Have at least 01 year experience for warehouse management

    · Demonstrated awareness and sensitivity to environmental health and safety issues

    · Effective communication skills (written, oral and computer)

    · Ability to understand and react with diverse offshore / onshore groups and operations.

    · Fluently in use of English skills, Computer skills as required.

    · Previous offshore experiences will be preferred

    · Certificate required: Graduated from University/College (Marine Engineering Engineer Degree will be preferred.

    Pre Hire Qualifications as STCW requirements and additional requirements by company as per training matrix as decided by company.

    Salary: Competative;
    Working location: Offshore;
    Application deadline: 25 Dec 2018;
    Please send your resume to pvtransofs-recruitment@pvtrans.com or contact us at +84 0254 357 6669 (ext.403)

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