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    PVTrans OilField Services is a professional provider of maritime transportation and services to the oil and gas industry in Viet Nam and abroad (FSO/FPSO, O&M...). We are now hiring Mechanical Technician to join our team as follow:

    Background: The Mechanical Technician will exhibit a high standard of supervisory and safety behavior and will ensure that all aspects of shipboard Engine room maintenance, rigging, slinging, storage, housekeeping, and general duties are carried out safely and effectively by his team. Delegated tasks will be monitored and controlled effectively.

    Specific Accountabilities:

    1. Develop And Maintain Effective Working Relationships:

    • Establish and maintain effective working relationships with team, colleagues and visitors to the working environment;
    • Establish and maintain effective communications with team, colleagues and supervisors;
    • Carry out work, toolbox talks, and handovers diligently;
    2.Maintenance of Equipment:
    • Refer to the Makers manual in planning and preparation for Maintenance/Trouble shooting of any Equipment;
    • Carry out toolbox meeting and discuss the job clearly with team leader and other crew;
    • Prepare correct spare part, tools for mechanical equipment;
    • Identify, check and prepare correct spares/components for job;
    • Use correct tools and equipment for the job;
    • Use correct procedures and correct method for dismantling;
    • Check an test the equipment by carrying out appropriate tests to ensure reassembly is correct and the system working in normal condition;
    • Respond promptly to problems in line with approved procedures;
    • Select appropriate tests and diagnostic procedures and apply them methodically;
    • Carry out Visual, Close and Detailed inspections on Mechanical equipment;
    • Use the results of inspections to determine the appropriate actions to take;
    • Record an accurate and full description in the appropriate document history.
    3. Condition Monitoring/Planned/Unplanned/Breakdown maintenance
    • Perform Planned/Unplanned/Breakdown maintenance safely and effectively under PTW, Risk Assessment, Toolbox talks and MS procedures;
    • Inspect the machinery/equipment regularly to confirm in good operation condition;
    • Perform general maintenance, greasing, cleaning, filter changing and housekeeping regularly as per plan;
    • The Maintenance Technician is be required to Operate tools & machinery in workshop;
    • In charge and accountable for maintenance of all portable power tools & equipment. (No; electrical’ work unless accredited by the electrical department);
    • Regularly inspect and update inventories. Inform HOD for raising MSR’s & WR’s in advance.
    4. Maintain Pollution Control Measures
    • Check regularly all compartments, bilges to prevent any unplanned discharges to the environment. Any unplanned discharges due to leaking valves, wrong line up etc. should be stopped immediately where possible, and reported according to policy, procedure and regulation;
    • Relevant PPE is used to deal with unplanned discharges using company procedures;
    • Equipment, waste or other materials for disposal are dealt with according to the correct procedure;
    • Environmental protection and pollution control are enforced effectively with colleagues, subordinates and subcontractors.
    5. Contribute to the Health and Safety of the Working Environment
    • Carry out Risk assessment and support your Team leader in planning and executing the job safely;
    • Ensure correct PPE is available and in use for all jobs;
    • Motivate all Crew in following Policies and procedures;
    • Ensure all jobs are carried out under PTW system;
    • Work area is kept clean and free of hazards;
    • Corrective action is taken to stop hazards and unsafe behaviors;
    • Area of work secured after completion of work;
    • All incidents/accidents, Near miss, Hazards are reported to the relevant supervisor;
    • Ensure PTW, Checklists are used regularly;
    • Support HOD in conducting Audits regularly;
    • Raise Kaizens where applicable and motivate other crew members;
    • Suggest training programs to uplift the knowledge of Engine Crew on use/maintenance of various equipment’s
    Minimum Competencies:
    • Operation, Maintenance including dismantle and assemble of Machinery;
    • Maintain and Monitor the condition of Machinery and its components;
    • Diagnose faults in Machinery;
    • Exercise Pollution Control Measures;
    • Contribute to The Health and Safety of the Working Environment;
    • Emergency Response Role;
    Pre-hire Qualifications and Experience:
    • Graduated from Vocational College (Degree: Certificate of Mechanical);
    Previous Offshore Experience in similar position mandatory.
    • Pre Hire Qualifications as STCW requirement and additional requirements by company as per training matrix as decided by company
    • Experience and knowledge with machinery maintenance & repair of 3 years or more.
    • Proven experience and/or qualified to N/SVQ/HNC/HND in mechanical engineering or local equivalent.
    • 03 years’ experiences with offshore experience preferred.
    • Good experience of Permit to work, Mechanical isolation standard and Risk Assessment
    • Personal skills: Safety aware. Conscientious, flexible, versatile and determined. Positive;
    • Leadership: Good communication between co-workers. Lead Engine room team and set up examples for the team to follow;
    • Technical: High standard of analytical, diagnostic technical and professional knowledge on rotating equipment, seals, bearings, pneumatic, electro-pneumatic, electro-hydraulic, and hydraulic systems;
    • Communications: Good levels of written and spoken communication in English;
    Salary: Competitive;
    Working location: Offshore;
    Application deadline: 25 Mar 2019;
    Please send your resume to pvtransofs-recruitment@pvtrans.com or contact us at +84 0254 357 6669 (ext.403)

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