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    PVTrans OilField Services is a professional provider of maritime transportation and services to the oil and gas industry in Viet Nam and abroad (FSO/FPSO, O&M...). We are now hiring Offshore Inspection Engineer to join Sao Vang Dai Nguyet Project as follows:

    Key tasks of the Offshore Inspection Engineer include:

    · Support the line manager in the delivery of inspection scopes as defined in inspection scheme provided by AIE.
    · Assess defects / anomalies in accordance with IGPV anomaly management procedures.
    · Report to the Offshore Installation Manager for the provision and coordination of all inspection activities.
    · Coordinate provisions with AIE to ensure all inspection activities such as equipment. scheduling, planning and availability etc. are implemented.
    · Undertake all agreed offshore inspections within the limitations, ensuring they are implemented and completed as scheduled.
    · Carry out visual and NDT inspection where necessary.
    · Provide remedial recommendations as required and inspect the subsequent repair work for acceptance.
    · Issue inspection reports within agreed timescales. Use approved templates and forms.
    · Supervise third parties personnel whilst offshore. Ensure that all parties understand the work scope, associated risks and that work is completed and reported as specified in the work scope.
    · Review and where applicable sign acceptance of inspection reports completed by NDT Technicians or 3rd party personnel.
    · Issue status reports as required, e.g. Daily / Handover / End of Trip / Certificate of Examination.
    · Updating electronic Anomaly Management system e.g Apollo Know How.
    · Attend meetings and reviews as appropriate, e.g. morning call, planning, anomaly meetings etc.
    · Maintain logs and register updates in accordance with Oceaneering / client procedures whilst offshore.
    · Assist with duties as directed by the IGPV onshore team or Asset Integrity Engineer.

    Key Competencies preferred

    · A relevant engineering degree preferably in Mechanical Engineering, Corrosion Engineering or Metallurgy.
    · 5-8 years of working experience on Integrity Management/ Inspection.
    · Previous experience in a similar role, preferably gained within the oil and gas industry.
    · Minimum 5 years' experience in the field of plant and equipment inspection.
    · Knowledge of relevant legislation, codes/standards, materials, plant operations & processes etc.
    · ASME Plant inspector Level 2 and/or API 510 & API 570.
    · IRATA Rope Access level 1 and NDT Certificates in DPI, ECI, MPI and UT 3.1 & 3.2.
    · Thorough understanding of defect assessment techniques in accordance with relevant codes / standards and API 579.
    · Knowledge of related standards / regulatory requirements (QCVN, VR’s regulation are included)
    · Plant inspection or API certification, with associated experience.
    · Good command of English language

    Salary: Competitive
    Working location: Work offshore on a cycle of 3 consecutive working weeks and shall have 3 consecutive non-working weeks
    Application Deadline: 25th December 2022
    Applicable to Vietnamese employees only
    Send your resume to pvtransofs-recruitment@pvtrans.com or contact us at +84 254 357 6669 - Ext: 201 or 0985.332.399 (Ms. Hải on Zalo, Viber, WhatsApp)

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