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    PVTrans OilField Services is a professional provider of maritime transportation and services to the oil and gas industry in Viet Nam and abroad (FSO/FPSO, O&M...). We are now looking for Deck Foreman (Deputy HLO) with experience in the oil and gas industry.

    Minimum Competencies:

    · Hold a valid Certificate as a Deck foreman or equivalent.
    · Be advantageous to be Trained / hold a valid Certificate for lifeboat coxswain or equivalent
    · 3-5 year’s - experience in Deck foreman position.
    · At least 5 years experience in offshore crane operations with recognized certificate in engine driven hydraulic cranes.
    · Leadership and teamwork skills/ behaviours.
    · Effective communication skills (written, oral and computer).
    · Proficient in English both written and spoken.
    · Have experience of working using a Permit To Work Systems.

    Specific Accountabilities:

    · Ensure that all deck activities are carried out safely and in compliance with legislative (including LOLER and COSHH) and company requirements. Area authority to ensure all rigger/ crane operations, deck handling and helicopter support on CPP and wellhead platforms are implemented safely and safety procedures are followed.
    · Work as Deputy Helicopter landing officer and coordinate relevant works, including helicopter refuelling operations, to ensure helicopter operation on CPP and wellhead platforms are carried out safely.
    · Ensure normal scaffolding structures are fit for operation and maintenance activities and ensure that the scaffolding is correctly inspected and recorded accordingly.
    · Ensure that all rigging equipment is certified, correctly maintained and procedures and regulations are followed.
    · In charge of all in field marine activities with Standby Vessels including cargo offload, backload and personnel transfer operations via Workboat or Life boats.
    · Coordinate maintenance requirement for active firefighting and lifesaving equipment on CPP and wellhead platforms, follow procedures and regulations.
    · To provide leadership to deck crew team(s).
    · To provide leadership to deck crew team including: crane operator, deck crew members and banksman / rigger/ scaffolder.
    · Be prepared to be part of Emergency Response team(s), preferably as Coxswain.
    · Ensure pedestal cranes are maintained and crane operations carried out in safe manner.
    · Ensure decks and store rooms are maintained in a safe and secure condition at all times and maintain to good housekeeping standards.
    · Ensure segregation of hazardous and non-hazardous waste are correctly done to dedicated waste skip, prepare for backload to shore and no side effects to the environment.
    · Liaise with standby vessel for daily activities, cargo transfer, bunkering and other duties as per daily planning.

    Salary: Competitive
    Application Deadline: 15 Aug 2019
    Applicable to Vietnamese employees only
    Send your resume to pvtransofs-recruitment@pvtrans.com or contact us at +84 254 357 6669 - Ext: 201


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