PVD Training tuyển dụng Senior Controls, Instrumentation and Telecommunications Engineer

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    We are looking for outstanding candidates for the below position:
    • Senior Controls, Instrumentation and Telecommunications Engineer
    [​IMG]Job Details: https://pvdtraining.com.vn/tuyen-dung-vi-tri-senior.../

    [​IMG] Working location: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

    1. Qualifications: Degree qualified in a related engineering discipline
    2. Experience:
    • More than ten (10) years experience as a CI Engineer
    • Minimum five (5) years experience in offshore facilities – preferably experience in the engineering office, construction/commissioning, and offshore location
    • Certified FS Engineer - Safety Instrumented Systems
    • WHP and FPSO operations
    • Communication skills (verbal and written) in English

    [​IMG] Qualified candidates send CV, Resume via email: Tuyendung@pvdtraining.com.vn with subject "Apply for position…“

    [​IMG] For more detail feel free to contact: Ms. Tay 0904452492


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