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    PVD TRAINING’S looking for:
    QHSE ENGINEER (Vietnamese)

    - Male with ages of 25 – 40.
    - Must possess at least Bachelor's degree in Safety or Engineering or equivalent.
    - Knowledgeable about ISO 9001 or similar quality management systems are a mandatory requirement.
    - At least 2 years of hand - on experience in System Management, QHSE..will be added advantage.
    - Good English.
    - Maintain QHSE system in accordance with ISO 9001:2015; ISO 45001: 2018; ISO 14001:2015; OPITO standard, GWO standard, API standard, IWCF, IRATA, and other standards are being applied at the company.
    - Conducting hazardous waste treatment process.
    - Periodical combine with the maintenance team and related dept. to check the fire protection system.
    - Establish supporting procedures to meet standard requirements for application and certification to serve the production and business activities of the Company.
    - Investigating causes of accidents/incidents and recommending actions to prevent their occurrences.
    - Prepare and implement documents for initial and surveillance audits or unexpected audits of licensing organizations.
    - Establish QHSE plans in accordance with ISO 9001 standards; ISO 45001; ISO 14001; OPITO standards, GWO standards, API standards, IWCF, IRATA, and other standards being applied at the company, and monitor & measure the implementation of the plan.
    - Control QHSE Non - conformities, record documents, reports, root cause analysis, and monitoring corrective actions – prevention.
    - Identify hazards and risks related to the QHSE system in the Company, instructing depts to identify hazards and risks of QHSE in their own depts. and propose appropriate measures to eliminate and reduce hazards.
    - Supervise QHSE activities, and compliance with standards, policies, and procedures at depts in the company.
    Detail will be discussed in the interview.
    WORKING LOCATION: Vung Tau City (long-term working duration)

    SALARY: NEGOTIATION (Standard office hours from Monday to Friday)

    Please send us an updated CV and related certs/degree to our email SOONEST (if possible) or before 31/12/2022:

    tuyendung@pvdtraining.com.vn with the subject: “Application for QHSE Engineer ”

    For additional information please call +0254 3612 099 – Ext. 234 (Ms. Huyen)


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