PVD Training is looking for 01 DRILLING MUD CONSULTANT

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    WE ARE LOOKING FOR 01 DRILLING MUD CONSULTANT, onshore working in Malaysia with duration 12 months from early 2019.

    Requirement of minimum cumulative 15 years relevant oil & gas experiences that includes:

    • On site supervision of drilling fluids operation, minimum 3 years offshore
    • Previous exposure to water based mud systems and oil based mud systems
    • Work related experience in South East Asia required.
    • Previous experience in tender preparation and evaluation for drilling fluid services
    • Proven contractor management experience
    • Intimate knowledge of drilling fluids effects on wellbore stability in stratified formations
    • Intimate knowledge of solids control equipment
    • Intimate knowledge of ECD management
    • Intimate knowledge of Manage Pressure Drilling Operations
    • Intimate knowledge of Wellbore clean-up operations
    • Proven HPHT experience.
    If you are interested in this position, please feel free to send the application (incl. CV & all Certificates) to email: hienntt@pvdrilling.com.vn

    ASAP before 10 Dec 2018.


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