One more long term project for WELL ENGINEER with very HOT SALARY

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    Bà Rịa - Vũng Tàu
    We are now urgently looking for :
    ♻️ Responsibility Areas:
    - Well integrity data base
    - Well integrity assessment of change (Moc)
    - Well integrity Dashboard
    - Integrity software
    Work Location: Office - Vung Tau City
    Working hour: 8 hours/ day
    Time for applying CV: Before date 12/08/2020
    Time for joining project: as soon as interview pass.
    ♻️ Requirements
    ► Education: University degree.
    ► Good at English with 4 skills
    ► Full understanding of terminology English
    ► At least 5 years experience in drilling engineering and rig operations
    ♻️ Specific knowledge:
    - Solid knowledge of drilling engineering
    - Good knowledge and experience of well design (particularly casing design)
    - For more information please contact:
    Ms. Hai Yen Tran : +84984.6060.85
    Ms. Thuy Quach : +84917.469.552
    Thanks for your attention !!!!

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