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    We looking for the below position working for big client

    Job Title: HR Senior Advisor

    Department: Human Resources & General Services (HR&GS)

    Location: Ho Chi Minh City Office

    Report to: HR & General Services Manager

    Purpose: To coordinate and manage relevant activities of the HR Department including compliance, personnel management, training, recruitment and health.

    Main Accountabilities and Responsibilities:


    • To provide the day‐by‐day coordination of company regulatory documents adoption and distribution in the company, in compliance with applicable regulatory processes;
    • To provide appropriate organizational updating in terms of organization charts, organizational notices and job descriptions, in compliance with regulatory documents and processes;
    • To provide support in preparing and managing HR regulatory documents.
    Recruitment and Selection
    • To manage recruitment and selection process to help ensure it complies with set policies and procedures, employment laws and regulations;
    • To manage the administration of all recruitment records/forms, ensuring that these are complete, accurate and up‐to‐date;
    • To ensure that all job descriptions are in place and remain current and accurate.
    • To conduct annual training and development needs assessment and update the training matrix;
    • To plan, organize, facilitate for employee development and training activities;
    • To follow‐up feedback of all completed training to evaluate results and effectiveness.
    • To provide support in managing medical insurance programs
    • To provide support in arranging heath checkup activities
    • To support with health promotion programs
    • To managing employee data contained in the HR system ensuring it is accurate and up‐to‐date
    • To respond to ad hoc HR queries on a day‐to‐day basis
    • To undertake ad hoc projects/works as and when required
    Health, Safety and Environment (HSE):
    • Comply with rules and standards described in Company Policies, HSE Integrated Management System and Procedures;
    • Report all incidents;
    • Motivate colleagues to comply with HSE rules and standards;
    • Participate in HSE related initiatives ensuring the proper spreading and information within the department;
    • Ensure the compliance, within, the responsibilities, of contractors on company’s HSE Standards, regulatory documents and any other process;
    • Contribute proactively to support company in reaching the HSE assigned objectives.
    Main Interfaces:
    • INTERNAL: All Company departments and employees EXTERNAL: Relevant contractors
    Qualification and Experiences:
    • Bachelor’s Degree in appropriate fields;
    • Proven work experience as a Senior HR Advisor or similar roles in multinational companies;
    • Solid understanding of labor legislation and HR related business processes;
    • High performance orientation with close attention to details;
    • Previous working experience in Oil and Gas industry is a plus.
    Required competencies:
    • Strong interpersonal communication skills in both English and Vietnamese (spoken and written);
    • Computer literacy in Microsoft Office;
    • Strong analytical and creative problem‐solving skills;
    • Independent with teamwork spirit, resourceful, proactive and ability to multi‐task.
    Working Conditions:
    • Office based employee.

    Interested candidates please submit your CV at: by 24 May 2019

    Chỉnh sửa cuối: 23/5/19

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