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    Austal Vietnam is looking for Fit-Out & Accommodation Superintendent


    • Support Trade Manager with ensuring the right number of people, with the right skills, at the right cost are applied to the project.
    • Collaborate with Supervisors to establish a weekly/daily plan that included the following key deliverables: Information, materials, resources, special tools, vessel access and HSEQ
    • Understand safety requirements and impacts.
    • Understand quality requirements (internal and external customer).
    • Understand site support requirements.
    • Timely escalation and collaborative management of issues/risks/constraints.
    • Unencumbered access to facility/workspace for team and contractors.
    • Unencumbered access to relevant specialised tools and equipment for team and contractors.
    • Provide visible leadership to support a ‘safety first’ culture by ensuring that risks are assessed.
    • Implementation of the HSEQ Standards
    • Take charge of issues/risks/constraints as required.
    • Promote and implement continual improvement initiatives through corrective actions arising from incidents or non-conformances.
    • Effective communication (tool box meetings).
    • Training requirements for supervisors and teams.
    • Provide visible leadership to support zero waste and zero harm culture by ensuring risks and opportunities are assessed.
    • Supervisor influence/impact on team - provide constructive feedback on performance.
    • Housekeeping standard conformance, holding self and others accountable.
    • Minimise distraction for your supervisors.
    • Identifying opportunities for improvement and waste reduction.
    • Check and validate all work is complete in full to standard.
    • Product conformance prior to customer check - work complete in full to standard
    • Promote and drive a culture of continual improvement (share successes) and actively eliminate waste.
    • Coach/mentor supervisors
    • Supports supervisors to train and develop workers.
    • Provide constructive feedback on performance.
    • Act on HSEQ incidents reported, share lesson learnt.
    • Act on improvement opportunities raised, share ideas and successes.
    • You will be got the compensation for Personal Accident insurance and Health care insurance according to Company Financial Regulation
    • Annual leave is 18 days per year for the period from 1st January to 31st December, exclusive of public holidays of Vietnam. You are entitled to annual leave on a pro-rata basis with 01(one) additional day for 05 (five) years of employment.
    • Annual salary review based on employee's performance and contribution
    • Working hour : 45 hour/week (Monday to Friday)
    • International, dynamic, friendly working environment


    • Relevant or aligned Trade Qualification
    • 3 years as a Supervisor (minimum)
    • Proven related technical skills
    • Possess practical leadership skills, e.g. strong interpersonal skills, people management and communication skills
    • Strong time management and proven experience in meeting deadlines
    • Thorough knowledge of and proven implementation of organisational policies, business standards, procedures/work instructions and guidelines, including, but not restricted to HSEQ and HR
    • Able to manage conflict.
    • Strong construction and technical knowledge of Austal vessels
    • Possess a style that motivates and encourages their team
    • Excellent influencing and negotiating skills
    • Proficient in MS Office suite including Word and Excel
    • Proficient with Pronto, Primvera, the Austal Business Management System (BMS) and DAD (Auto CAD, Autodesk and Navis Works)
    • Strong communication skills (Vietnam & English)
    Please send your updated CV to: or

    Chỉnh sửa cuối: 7/12/18

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