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    • 22-30 year -old
    • Graduate from University/College
    • Communication, speaking, listening & Writing
    • Office computer: words, excel, email, internet
    Abilities, Soft Skills:
    • Ability to organize tasks and work independently
    • Good communication and convince
    • Good solve problems
    • High responsibility
    • High self-discipline
    • High confidential
    • Ability to work in Team
    [​IMG]The products of the company: Bearings, Valves, Converters, Limit Switches, Sensors, Meters, Electricity, Hydraulics, Pneumatics, Laboratory and many other equipment for industries
    [​IMG] Work location: Ho Chi Minh City
    Please contact Ms. Van Anh at 0973.957.486 or send your CV to
    [​IMG]Join us now!
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