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    SMV đang cần tuyển gấp 01 bạn HR Officer đi làm ngay, ưu tiên có kinh nghiệm về C&B và ER, Excel khá.
    • Yêu cầu: Tốt nghiệp đại học trở lên chuyên nghành liên quan
    • Tiếng anh: Giao tiếp cơ bản và viết mail tốt.
    • Địa điểm làm việc: KCN Đông Xuyên - TP.Vũng Tàu.
    Bạn nào có nhu cầu vui lòng gửi CV về mail: cuongn@strategicmarine.com bên mình sẽ liên hệ lại nhé.

    Chi tiết mô tả công việc như sau:

    Task Management/Quản lý nhiệm vụ/công việc:

    C&B tasks
    • Follow approved company processes as defined in Strategic Marine’s Business Management System
    • Continually seek to identify & minimize areas of risk and/or waste
    • Manage and maintain the system of employee data base, payroll and other benefits monitoring the compliance with company policies and legal requirements
    • Be responsible for monitoring the compensation & benefits, other allowance programs and insurances.
    • Manage all personnel statistical data; control and maintain all personnel information and ensure that it is updated
    • Administer departmental timesheets through individual actual attendance records and manage the overtime (OT), employees’ leaves and advice the immediate supervisor solutions to enhance the productivity to reduce the OT.
    • Response employee grievances relating to payroll, timesheets, types of leave as well as advising line departments on HR policies and procedures to ensure that all is complied with company’s policies and legal rules and regulation.
    Employee Relation tasks
    • Work closely with departments to increase in a consultancy role, assist line manager to understand and implement policies and procedure.
    • Promote equality and diversity as part of the culture of the company.
    • Propose suitable approaches to identify opportunities to assess strengths, weakness, interest and value of staffs.
    • Manage and monitor/audit the performance appraisal to ensure the accuracy of the outcome.
    • Suggest the communication channel for employees to receive/update the information to ensure that employees are aware of existing rules, regulations and memo within the company.
    • Ensure that grievance handling and disciplinary proceedings are carried out in line with the company’s policies and Labour code and legal requirements.
    • Be responsible for assisting job satisfaction surveys regularly, report on the result and recommend remediate action where necessary
    • Assist or conduct exit interviews to identify problems and propose solutions to prevent job leaving due to dissatisfaction.
    • Be responsible for organizing collective activities for employees
    • Execute other assignments as per request by direct supervisor
    People Management/Quản lý con người:
    • Work with line departments and immediate supervisor in matters involving compensation & benefits and responding to employee grievances related to compensation and benefits.
    • Work with Employee Relations Section in matters involving employee relations and responding to employee grievances related to compensation and benefits.
    • Provide/suggest solutions related to compensation and benefits to improve employees’ satisfaction
    Interpersonal Management/Quản lý sự kết nối:
    • Liaise with Social Insurance authorities for monthly contribution, new registration/report, and insurance of social insurance book, medical cards and relevant claimable benefits.
    • Liaise with governmental agencies/authorities for relevant works.
    • Liaise with line departments to make sure all operations are in compliance with company policies and government regulations on labour.
    • Handle labour contract, company regulation, newly issuance & extension or termination of labour contract
    • Work with Training & Recruitment Sections to maintain personnel administration system including but not limited to personnel database: training, promotion, job transfer, discipline, award, competency and performance appraisals, resignation, employment terminations and relevant works.
    • Work with Training & Recruitment section to execute relevant work properly to the legal requirements and company’s rules and regulation.
    Information Management/Quản lý thông tin:
    • Manage all personnel statistical data Control and maintain all personnel information and ensure that it is updated.
    • Manage SMV employees’ profiles and documents related to compensation & benefits.
    • Be in charge of preparing weekly/ monthly personnel reports: labour budget and labour expenditure turnover, new employment, working hour, OT, manpower, disciplinary and other reports as per requested by management levels.
    Personal Management/Quản lý bản thân:
    • Look for professional development opportunities & undertake where appropriate
    • Keep up-to-date and seek to implement industry best practices
    • Look for on-the-job opportunities to broaden and improve work knowledge base”
    • Exhibit behaviour consistent with Strategic Marine cultural statement.
    Performance Standards/Tiêu chuẩn đánh giá mức độ hoàn thành công việc
    • The achievement against agreed targets/goals.
    • The ratio of incompletion of agreed targets/goals.
    • % of quality of work and the completion of work schedule against the agreed work plan.
    • % of inaccuracy of payroll and other reimbursements to employees.
    • The performance of actual labour expenditure against the budget.
    • % of inaccuracy of weekly/ monthly personnel reports: labour budget and labour expenditure turnover, new employment, working hour, OT, leaves, manpower, and other reports as per requested by management levels.
    • The number of formal employee grievances on issues under managing of Compensation & Benefits & ER Sections
    • The satisfaction level with services, consultancy of employees.
    • The efficiency of administration system of employee database, salary and allowances, social & health insurance, workmen compensation, employee leaves record and termination.
    • The number of violation against the company’s rules and regulations
    • Response time against the emergency situation.
    • Response time to fix problems.
    • The quantity and quality of suggestion to improve or prevent risk toward the achievement of departmental goals or company’s goals.
    Chỉnh sửa cuối: 14/11/18

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