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    • To assist in improving, defining and implementing a procurement framework as well as define procurement KPIs and metrics for presentation to Senior Management
    • To coordinate in procurement works to ensure goods and services are procured in according to requirements specified by User/Contract Owner Departments and in compliance with Company policies
    • To assist Deputy CFO to develop and implement the continuous improvement program for procurement works (i.e. annual procurement plan, SOP/KPI for performance measurement and evaluation, etc.).

    • University degree preferably in Business administration or Foreign trade. Some formal exposure in engineering or engineering related discipline will be preferred.
    • Requires at least seven years of purchasing experience in multi-national companies, preferably in shipping or transportation industry, in which at least 3 years at supervisory level.
    • Must have a good understanding of procurement principles, commercial practices in foreign trade and international freight forwarding 3PL services.
    • Must have good negotiation skills, effective oral and written communications skills in both Vietnamese and English
    • Must have cost/benefit analysis skills, which involves a high degree of judgment and knowledge in analyzing quotations and purchasing/bidding procedures. Excellent critical reasoning ability is required to solve a wide range of procurement problems. Able to apply statistical calculations and analysis of bids.
    • The incumbent requires a very high degree of ethical standards.

    Company's information:

    SP-SSA International Container Services Joint Venture Company
    Phuoc Loc Commune, Phuoc Hoa Ward, Phu My Town, Ba Ria Vung Tau.

    Please send your CV to email: recruitment@ssit.com.vn
    or contact HR Dept. at 0254 393 8888 – Ext 403


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