A big Oil & Gas Company is looking for Instrument Technician

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    A big Oil & Gas Company looking for position:

    Instrument Technician

    Working location: Offshore Vietnam.


    • To perform maintenance, repair, troubleshooting and plant modification on the platform equipment in a safe and cost effective manner to ensure the facilities are available to meet production target.

    Main Accountabilities and Responsibilities:

    • To perform maintenance, repair, troubleshooting and plant modification on the platform equipment in a safe and cost effective manner to ensure the facilities are available to meet production targets: instrumentation and control, ICS, Fire & Gas, Gas and condensate metering, Gas Chromatograph, Solar Gas turbine, Gas compressor,…
    • Responsible for ensuring that the quality of the work conforms to all relevant specifications and standards and that the work is performed according to applicable procedures and instructions.
    • Responsible for ensuring that the work is carried out in a safe and environmentally manner.
    • Responsible for inspections of all contractors’ equipment prior to its use on site.
    • Fully conversant with the Work Control System.
    • React quickly and effectively to breakdown situations while maintaining a high level of safety performance.
    • Provide high quality planned maintenance, which contributes towards high plant reliability and availability.
    • Adapt to changing priorities and integrate with other disciplines create an effective team.
    • Record results adequately in the computer based maintenance management system.
    • Assist operations where disciplines overlap to provide an overall efficient maintenance service.
    • Provide supervision for contract and vendor staff on procedures, safe working practices, and permit guidance and in depth plant familiarity.
    • Ensure accurate shift logs and handover of all activities.
    • Ensure all hazards, faults and problems are recorded and solved or reported to the Supervisor.
    • Maintain own skills by training and contribute to the training of other team members and new staff.
    • Maintain well housekeeping at all times.
    • Liaise on a regular basis with the Operations Supervisor advising on spares and material requirements.
    • Maintain and update drawings, records, reports, and procedures as required.
    • Assist in preparation of quality work packs for identified nomination and maintenance activities.
    • Participate in the Emergency Response organization according to the Emergency Response Plan.
    • Support Operations Supervisor in assigned tasks.
    • Complete tasks assigned by line managers from time to time.
    • Strictly comply with Rosneft’s Policy on Combatting Corruption and all relevant procedures of Rosneft Vietnam in the implementation of the Policy.
    • Comply with all company HSE requirements for the job and as a minimum with all HSE requirements including golden safety rules
    • Good understanding and have work experience on instrument devices and test equipment.
    • Good understanding and have work experience on Distributed control system (DCS/ ICS), Control network.
    • Provide control system expertise maintenance and troubleshooting with a special emphasis on Allen Bradly PLCs. Strongly skills in RSLogix 5000, RSLogix 5 are highly recommended. Deep understanding on Allen Bradly ControlNet, RSLinx protocol have been used in gas compressors, generators on platform are required.
    • Good knowledge about modbus RTU protocol derived from Master/Slaver structure. This protocol communicates ABB ICS with other vendors e.g. gas compressors, generators, motor managers...
    • Good knowledge about Simatic Step 7, Siemens PLC is an advantage.
    • Good knowledge about ABB controllers, 800xA system e.g. AC450, Safeguard 400 Series is an advantage.
    • Good understanding and have work experience of process control, fire and gas system.
    • Good understanding PLC and programming.
    • Good understanding standards for Ex equipment.
    • Familiar with Control of Work system
    • Good fault finding skills
    • Good communication skills
    • Good reporting skills
    • Familiar with Metering system and Solar Turbine is a plus.
    Qualify candidates please submit your CV at: Trainor.cv@trainorasia.com.vn



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